Wednesday, 14 March 2012

On a personal note

My first post with no beady pictures!  Have you stopped reading already?  LOL

I am very excited and a little bit scared as I have just booked a course of swimming lessons and scheduled my gym induction!  First steps on the long road to physical fitness I hope.  I will be blogging about my swimming experiences and hope you will be 'swimming' along with me.  My next major decision will be do I get goggles and a swimming cap or not?  Hmmmmm...................

Its so weird - I told my OH that I had booked the classes and hoped to get fit and lose a little weight and his response was 'but I like you the way you are'.  I took that to mean 'overweight and unattractive' and told him so.  I was hoping for some encouragement but maybe he feels a bit threatened at the thought of having a superfit, toned up, sexy as hell girlfriend - hang on I already am as sexy as hell - who is he kidding?!


  1. I think "I like the way you are" means you are perfect:)))) But I know what you mean. Just have fun, get those goggles and indulge your inner mermaid.

  2. Thanks for the postive reinforcement Kinga.


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