Thursday, 4 August 2011

Do you decopatch?

I was introduced to the world of Decopatch by my good friend Alison B (click her name to be taken to her FB fanpage).  Decopatch is basically a craft where ordinary objects are covered with special paper to change the finish into something a little less ordinary.  Its so easy to do and would make an excellent project for kids.

First you need some decopatch glue (a bit like the white glue we had in school - remember the one you would paint your hands with and then peel it off??); a brush; some decopatch paper and something to transform.  In this case a small paper box.

First you rip the paper into small pieces

Then you apply the glue to your object;

Pick up a small piece of paper with the sticky brush;

Put the paper on the glue and then smooth it down with the brush.

The glue dries clear after about 10 - 15 mins and looks quite glossy when dry.  There is also an optional varnish that you can use; particularly if the object is going to be used and is not just for decoration.

Thats it - pretty gift box!

Oh - say hello to Patch the kitty.


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