Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Straight up - its the Verticals Bracelet

Wow I bet you guys thought I had quit already - but no as they say you cant keep a good beader down (or words to that effect).  I do confess to being a mite distracted recently but am still happily beading my way through the Book!

My second project of choice is on page 33 - Verticals Bracelet.  Now its a funny thing - I very very rarely use bugle beads in my beading - I just dont like them.  They cut the thread, they break - all sorts.  Funny then that I have a ready supply of these in my bead stash. 

I chose colours similar to Sabine's - this is how my beading tray looked with my selections:

At first glance these colours dont seem to go together at all but actually beaded up really well.

In step 7 of the project it explains that you have to build up additional squares onto the bracelet - I just wanted to say that these addiitional squares use existing bugles so you will only thread enough beads to complete a square - I know that doesnt make any sense at all but here are the photos:

I absolutely love this bracelet - one thing that is not mentioned in the book is that the bracelet looks just as good on the reverside side - have a look:

So anyway thats project number two beaded up 

Wanna see what I've been distracted by?


  1. Great piece...and WHAT IS THAT YOU ARE SO DISTRACTED BY????? Is that cloth? Is that clay? You know I'm a doll maker too & sometimes get involved in clay.

  2. Its polymer clay - I am having a fab time making these little fellas. Have a look at my new FB page http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Dragon-Space/361481670586195

  3. this piece is so pretty, I am loving it!
    Sabine's book landed on my desk this week - and I am mopping up the drool as I read through it! No wonder you weren't sure where to start!
    Keep going - I am enjoying your journey

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Chris - I may change the clasp but I love this one

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