Saturday, 3 March 2012

New beginnings

Hello peeps!

Despite my noble intentions of doing a regular blog, I have fallen woefully behind.  My beading mojo up and left me for ages and I have been feeling like a fish out of water.  Like many, many people I suffer with depression and had stopped taking my meds - stupid woman that I am!  Been feeling low for such a long time but have now given myself a much needed kick up the backside and am on the way up again (and back on meds).  I dont usually share such personal info but decided that I shouldn't be embarrassed any longer.

I have started beading again although my mind is still not 'settled' and I rip up as much as I am beading - but I will get there in the end and settle down. 

I have also made some changes to my life which have made me feel stronger and more positive - long may that feeling continue. 

Only two pieces to share with you today and another UFO:

This was my entry into the February Etsy Beadweavers Challenge.  My mind is quite a strange place and this comes out in my beadwork!

Recently listed for sale in my Etsy store - just a quick project to get the beading flowing again.

My latest flight of fancy!

I will endeavour to keep posting and beading - wish me luck!!!


  1. Hello mrs, totally understand the place you're in... keep on doing what you have to do to get where you need to go, if that involves meds then so be it... Looking forward to the end of the month and our girly day with hilary. see you soon, hugs xxx Dee

  2. Having had depression, I know how hard it is and you have my support all the way. You're doing beautiful work here so that must bring some joy. I hope so. Good luck and thank you for being so honest. It really made me relate to you!

  3. Beautiful work, maybe the break has been good for you. Nice relaxing colours.

  4. Bless you... I thought I hadn't seen you around on crapbook for a while! I hope things are on the up, gorgeous beadwork as ever dear! *hugs* :) x


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