Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Straight up - its the Verticals Bracelet

Wow I bet you guys thought I had quit already - but no as they say you cant keep a good beader down (or words to that effect).  I do confess to being a mite distracted recently but am still happily beading my way through the Book!

My second project of choice is on page 33 - Verticals Bracelet.  Now its a funny thing - I very very rarely use bugle beads in my beading - I just dont like them.  They cut the thread, they break - all sorts.  Funny then that I have a ready supply of these in my bead stash. 

I chose colours similar to Sabine's - this is how my beading tray looked with my selections:

At first glance these colours dont seem to go together at all but actually beaded up really well.

In step 7 of the project it explains that you have to build up additional squares onto the bracelet - I just wanted to say that these addiitional squares use existing bugles so you will only thread enough beads to complete a square - I know that doesnt make any sense at all but here are the photos:

I absolutely love this bracelet - one thing that is not mentioned in the book is that the bracelet looks just as good on the reverside side - have a look:

So anyway thats project number two beaded up 

Wanna see what I've been distracted by?

Monday, 4 June 2012

Buttons, eyeballs and clay!

Hmmmm buttons. I was lucky enough to receive some lovely buttons for my birthday last year. Bought for me by work colleagues. I don't usually use buttons in my work but during a recent tidy up; came across these in a bag. After tidying I wondered how I could use a button in a quick design. A clasp I hear you shout - yep that's a start.  So here is my small stash of buttons - you can see that I have stuck one down to bezel around (but thats another blog post).

Here is my bracelet complete with button clasp - a simple tubular herringbone stitch with crystal accent beads - have to say that I really like this one.  I haven't yet listed this one for sale but you can always message me if it takes your fancy!


The other thing I have been playing with recently is eyeballs and spikes.  Whilst a lot of my beady buddies are taken with the latest glass spike beads - I travel a different path.  I have a few variations of these pendants - different eye colour and spike combination and am having a lot of fun with them.


 Sneak peak on what I have been up to with my polymer clay cabs - big reveal in another post:

Just gone to a new home:

Keep reading me - next post will be my second Sabine make!!

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