Saturday, 22 March 2014

Be a Phoenix and Rise!

This is my BJP piece for February 2014.  Better late than never.

I couldn't share this piece before now as it was created specifically for one of my best friends and I have only just been able to give it to her.

My friend had a very difficult end 2012 and 2013.  I know that we all go through trials and tribulations but some people just seem to take knock after knock.

Anyway - my very good friend wanted to start this year with a theme and I suggested she use Phoenix as her mantra for 2014.

To me this represents more than just rising from the flames - it is rebirth, remembering your inner strength and believing in your own power.

This applies to so many of us.

 When things get difficult - remember your Phoenix and Rise!


  1. It's just incredibly beautiful, Gloria! What a wonderful, thoughtful gift for your friend.

  2. This is a perfect piece for her. I'm sure it will help her going forward by not just having this beauty in her life but slso by thinking of her good friend who made it for her. Wonderful!!!


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