Sunday, 24 July 2011

My soft addiction

I consider myself to be addicted to beads but have you ever looked up the definition of addiction?  It does not make for good reading and didn't quite match my affliction.  I also found a definition for something called soft addiction (heard of that?) which was a bit better:

"The term soft addiction was coined by Judith Sewell Wright to describe activities, moods or ways of being, avoidances, and things-edible and consumable but which do not pose a grave health disease risk - rather, they have the most effect on personal time and productivity."

For me the knowledge of my soft addiction is reinforced by certain things:

  • buying beads just because I want them and have no particular project in mind;
  • buying beads and then forgetting all about them until the next tidy up;
  • buying beads just because they are on sale and are a good price.
  • coming across packets of beads in illogical places - such as the bathroom;
With this in mind you will not be surprised to hear that I recently did indeed come across a padded envelope in my bedroom the other day and a padded envelope addressed to me only means one thing: beads!  This envelope contained some Swarovski goodies that I can't believe that I had forgotten about.  Included were these flat back cabs:
Vintage jet with crystal rhinestone

These measure 18mm by 13mm and I remember buying them just because I had never seen them before (oh yeah that should be on my soft addiction list too).

Now what to do with them?  I decided on some earrings because I hardly ever do earrings.

I bead embroidered around the cabs with black size 15 seed beads - accented with charlotte beads in clear ab.  I them used some dark silver crystal rondelles for a small fringe.  I will shortly be listing these earrings for sale in my Etsy store if anyone is interested in them.


  1. Very nice! I think I have a soft bead addiction too! :)

  2. Those are awesome! How could you forget those gorgeous cabs?? I know, it's easy! :-)

  3. What an exciting find! I totally get the soft addiction thing. Beads, rocks, feathers, books... maybe I should stop there. What beautiful earrings you made!

  4. I get this addiction but it seems "hard" to me at times!


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